Remember the 72


When Sport Returns


International Women’s Day

Western Union

Pay $0 Transfer Fee

A simple guide on how to send your money overseas, or under seas.


Making an Impact

A poetic call to action for Change.org that inspires the best tech talent to come and work for the fastest-growing website for social change in the world.

Tesco Tech

Lords of Logistics

A collaboration with Ars Thanea, helping Tesco Technology to envisage, design and create the future of retail by broadening their innovation teams.

Google & Arts & Culture

European Year of Cultural Heritage

Culture is what makes us different, but can it also be what connects us? For the European Year of Cultural Heritage, we contributed to a unique online initiative highlighting the diversity and vibrancy of European cultural heritage for @googleartsandculture.



The Digital News Innovation Fund (DNI Fund) is a European programme that’s part of the Google News Initiative, an effort to help journalism thrive in the digital age. We helped Google tell the world about this fascinating initiative.


Marsupial Vice

We turned Italian chewing gum brand Vigorsol into a film production house and created action packed films featuring ‘The Koala’ as the only chewing hero. Here he is in Miami.


Prepare for Awesome

A series of films aimed at getting kids pumped up about their new school shoes for @clarksoriginals.