Mam’s ‘Pride and Joy’ Lamb


Burger King

Rebel Whopper

Introducing the Rebel Whopper, same great Whopper taste, but plant-based.

Western Union

Liverpool Football Club

A series of extraordinary passes between Liverpool players serves as a simple metaphor for the effortless journey money makes from one country to another through Western Union’s digital network.

Burger King

Steakhouse Angus

So good it should be illegal.


Rylan Clark-Neal Goes Wild In Tesco’s Aisle

We announced the launch of Tesco’s partnership with Supermarket Sweep by unleashing presenter Rylan in a Tesco store.


Supermarket Sweep Idents

Disgruntled shoppers get caught in the crossfire between Tesco’s Centenary campaign and their sponsorship of Supermarket Sweep.


Acceptance with GLAAD & Jessica Zyrie

The best dads accept you for exactly who you are. Starring Jessica Zyrie and her dad, Wayne, this film for Absolut aims to accelerate acceptance on our planet all year long in association with GLAAD.

The Photographers' Gallery

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2019

A promo for The Photographers Gallery showcasing their Deutsche Borse Photography Prize, which premiered on Nowness.

Burger King

Bacon King Junior

Tim Keys tries to tell us a lot in a short amount of time, for Burger King.

Tesco Tech

Lords of Logistics

A collaboration with Ars Thanea, helping Tesco Technology to envisage, design and create the future of retail by broadening their innovation teams.

Yussef Dayes

For the Ladies

The result of an afternoon spent with Yussef Dayes as he recorded his latest single For The Ladies with Charlie Stacey and Rocco Palladino.


Fly Around Europe by Train

We planned the perfect train journey and captured a side of Europe you won’t see from anywhere else. From mountain ranges through to sleepy coves and bustling towns.


Making Waves

Inaccurately-named indie-pop 5-piece Bad Sounds demonstrate true sound through Yamaha’s new wireless home speaker range.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Kitty Sucker

Frank Carter the Rattlesnakes fall victim to gang of female seaside vampires who suck the blood of local men and transform them into more female vamps.


The Hunt

Inspired by the decor lovers searching for their perfect piece, we see our heroine Sophia Brown hunt for her statement Swoon item.


The Swan

The Swan is a metaphor for vanity, an allegorical tale which imagines the character of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” re-visited in later life.
Having finally found acceptance within his own kind, the desire for beauty has taken it’s toll.

Virgin Media

V6 Box – Mummies

Highlighting the benefits of the new Virgin Media V6 box on social with the help of mummies, zombies and even royalty from the accompanying TVC.

Virgin Media

V6 Box – Zombies

Highlighting the benefits of the new Virgin Media V6 box on social with the help of mummies, zombies and even royalty from the accompanying TVC.

Western Union

The App For International Transfers – Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC’s Sadio Mané sends money back home to Senegal with WesternUnion.


Get Free Ride Happy

Look how happy this chap is about getting a free train ride. Simply book through your Trainline app for the chance to win one.


Food Love Stories – Derek Sarno

Derek Sarno takes us through his plant-based food philosophy in Portland, Oregon ahead of partnering with Tesco and releasing a range of popular off-the-shelf vegan products.


Valentines Day

Six hyper-targeted social films aimed at different demographics, featuring a mysterious Tesco colleague musing on love from the flower stand for Valentines Day.


Our BAFTA-winning short film Home, starring Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger, produced in partnership with UNHCR, Somesuch and Docu Fest. The film also picked up advertising awards at British Arrows and Cannes Lions, entering the public discourse around the refugee crisis and affecting policy-making at the highest level.


Tannoy Takeover

It’s not always easy to tell your dad how much you care. We helped Tesco customers show theirs some love on Father’s Day.


Our promo for Spotless, a show in which Brendan Coyle sheds his Downtown Abbey image to play a man who is forced into business with a powerful mob boss thanks to his irresponsible older brother.