Yussef Dayes

For the Ladies

The result of an afternoon spent with Yussef Dayes as he recorded his latest single For The Ladies with Charlie Stacey and Rocco Palladino.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Kitty Sucker

Frank Carter the Rattlesnakes fall victim to gang of female seaside vampires who suck the blood of local men and transform them into more female vamps.

Blue Lab Beats

Oooo Lala

Jean-Luc Godard and the French New Wave’s most iconic dance scene transported to a romanticised, authentic London setting. ‘Oooo Lala’ (Feat.Kaidi Akinnibi) is lifted from Bluelab Beats debut album ‘Xover’.

Ady Sulieman

Need Somebody to Love

One shot at love with Ady suleiman for Pemba / Kartel Music Group. ‘Need Somebody To Love’ is taken from his debut ‘This Is My EP’.

Mick Jagger

England Lost

Luke Evans stars in‘England Lost’by Mick Jagger, a surreal, Kafka-inspired journey of a businessman who tries to‘escape the island…

Mick Jagger

Gotta Get A Grip

Jemima Kirke stars in our video for ‘Gotta Get A Grip’ for Mick Jagger, hammering home the song’s message that this generation cannot repeat the mistakes of the last.

Last Shadow Puppets


Our promo for ‘Aviation’ by The Last Shadow Puppets featuring AlexTurner and MilesKane in the midst of some trouble with the mob, which serves as a prequel to ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’.

Last Shadow Puppets

Everything That You’ve Come To Expect

We shot this one-take music video for The Last Shadow Puppets’ ‘Everything That You’ve Come To Expect’ 9 times in a row as the sun went down and sent the 9 different films to different news outlets. Fans started to notice the differences and get geeky about the details.