Artist Profile with Jakl

Western Union

Liverpool Football Club

A series of extraordinary passes between Liverpool players serves as a simple metaphor for the effortless journey money makes from one country to another through Western Union’s digital network.


Space Selfie

Ever wondered how to launch a balloon into the stratosphere and take a photograph of a selfie on a phone from space?


Rylan Clark-Neal Goes Wild In Tesco’s Aisle

We announced the launch of Tesco’s partnership with Supermarket Sweep by unleashing presenter Rylan in a Tesco store.


Smart Things

A series of films showing you how to connect, automate, and manage all your Samsung and SmartThings-compatible appliances and electronics.

Making an Impact

A poetic call to action for that inspires the best tech talent to come and work for the fastest-growing website for social change in the world.


Acceptance with GLAAD & Jessica Zyrie

The best dads accept you for exactly who you are. Starring Jessica Zyrie and her dad, Wayne, this film for Absolut aims to accelerate acceptance on our planet all year long in association with GLAAD.

The Photographers' Gallery

Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2019

A promo for The Photographers Gallery showcasing their Deutsche Borse Photography Prize, which premiered on Nowness.


Artist Profiles With Rina Mushonga

Go behind the scenes with emerging singer-songwriter Mina Rushonga as she records a cover of Genesis’ ‘Follow You Follow Me’, for Audi’s latest campaign, “Synchronised Swim”.

Port Magazine

Issue 24 (Samuel L. Jackson)

A promo film for Port Magazine, featuring cover star Samuel L Jackson.

Port Magazine

Issue 24 (Harris Dickinson)

A promo film for Port Magazine, featuring cover star Harris Dickinson.

Tesco Tech

Lords of Logistics

A collaboration with Ars Thanea, helping Tesco Technology to envisage, design and create the future of retail by broadening their innovation teams.

Yussef Dayes

For the Ladies

The result of an afternoon spent with Yussef Dayes as he recorded his latest single For The Ladies with Charlie Stacey and Rocco Palladino.


One Charge Challenge

We created over 30 mobile assets showing off the features – and battery life – on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 12 influencers roaming across Montenegro.

Shelter From The Storm

Promo Film

We wanted to help London homeless shelter Shelter From The Storm in their application for a new premises by creating a film that allayed potential misconceptions from local residents and businesses.


Making Waves

Inaccurately-named indie-pop 5-piece Bad Sounds demonstrate true sound through Yamaha’s new wireless home speaker range.


Fly Around Europe by Train

We planned the perfect train journey and captured a side of Europe you won’t see from anywhere else. From mountain ranges through to sleepy coves and bustling towns.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Kitty Sucker

Frank Carter the Rattlesnakes fall victim to gang of female seaside vampires who suck the blood of local men and transform them into more female vamps.


The Swan

The Swan is a metaphor for vanity, an allegorical tale which imagines the character of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” re-visited in later life.
Having finally found acceptance within his own kind, the desire for beauty has taken it’s toll.


Sponsor a Child Trafficker

This campaign looks at why criminals need “money mules”: people who allow their bank accounts to be used to launder money – a rising trend with devastating consequences.

Virgin Media

V6 Box – Mummies

Highlighting the benefits of the new Virgin Media V6 box on social with the help of mummies, zombies and even royalty from the accompanying TVC.

Virgin Media

V6 Box – Zombies

Highlighting the benefits of the new Virgin Media V6 box on social with the help of mummies, zombies and even royalty from the accompanying TVC.


Get Free Ride Happy

Look how happy this chap is about getting a free train ride. Simply book through your Trainline app for the chance to win one.


Dirty Louisiana Burger

We trolled the clean eating movement by partnering KFC with a fake psychotic influencer, creating an unpleasant new clean eating product to promote the not-so-clean Dirty Louisiana Burger.


Giles Duley – I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See

I Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See is an exhibition by Giles Duley, documenting the refugee crisis for UNHCR. We were there to document this coming together of storytellers for Port Magazine.



We brought back the thing that made gaming great in the first place by creating the Colonel’s Couch, a gaming sofa designed to unite friends over their favourite games and food. KFC hosted a live gaming tournament that saw the biggest names in grime and gaming battle it out for a lifetime’s supply of KFC.


Valentines Day

Six hyper-targeted social films aimed at different demographics, featuring a mysterious Tesco colleague musing on love from the flower stand for Valentines Day.


Unexpected Guests

A series of films reuniting real people with their loved ones at Christmas for Tesco.


99 Gigs Around The World

‘Around the World in 99 Gigs’ is a YouTube mini-series which follows YouTuber Callux and presenter Charlotte de Carle as they travel to a new destination every week in the search for crazy music scenes from around the world.


Laser Lights

The Audi R8 Laser Lights give you visibility up to 500m. Watch as Andy and Piers from me and mygolf put them to the test on the golf course.


Ways of Seeing – Edward Holcroft

Port Magazine teamed up with eyewear giants Luxottica to profile some famous wearers of glasses, and then let us get a bit weird with them.


Data to Go

You’re more at risk of identity fraud than you think – sharing personal details like your date of birth, address and phone number can make you vulnerable. We put it to the test it for @Cifas, with shocking results.


Back to School

Heading into primary school for the first time can be scary. So we got some older siblings to pass on some precious advice, whilst shopping for their new Tesco school uniforms.


Tannoy Takeover

It’s not always easy to tell your dad how much you care. We helped Tesco customers show theirs some love on Father’s Day.


Marsupial Vice

We turned Italian chewing gum brand Vigorsol into a film production house and created action packed films featuring ‘The Koala’ as the only chewing hero. Here he is in Miami.

London Fashion Week

Ode to Soho

To celebrate londonfashionweek coming to Soho, we spent a few nights documenting our neighbourhood and set it to a poem written and performed by World Poetry Slam Champion harrybakerpoet for the BritishFashionCouncil.


Basket Dating

For Tesco Valentine’s Day we tried to matchmake single customers based on the contents of their shopping baskets, with mixed results.



Just in time for Halloween, a few unlucky Tesco customers had a harrowing time in our Spookermarket.


Toy Testers

For Christmas, we invited 30 kids to help choose the perfect present. Meet the Tesco Toy Testers.

Virgin Media

Orange is the New Black

We gave Ally The Owl from the Virgin Media TVC campaign a new lease of life in this Netflix partnership, placing her within her very own episode of Orange Is The New Black.


Espiritu Libre

One of a series of 4 Portraits of different local heroes, all of whom were cast as living, breathing examples of the spirit and attitude of Sol beer.


Quattro Stories

A series of real life Audi uk drivers tell us why they’d never go without their Quattro.


One Hour Fashion Show

We teamed up with London-based menswear designer Katy Eary to create KFC’s first London Fashion Week show, from beginning to end, using 100 people, in just one hour. It was created as part of their Pack More Into Lunch campaign, based around the idea of doing more with your lunch hour.